Albuquerque Automotive Locksmith Service

Our company at Albuquerque offer locksmith services in all areas, whether it is commercial locksmith or residential. But our services are not limited to these types of services. We also offer automotive locksmith services.

Automotive Locksmith Service

In the past, it was easier to solve car key issues because car keys were simple. Modern car keys have become complicated. Some of them are laser cut keys which have sort of cut in the internal structure. If you are to make a duplicate out of them, you would need to use the exact method used to manufacture the key.

We have been in business for 5 years already but we did not fail to keep up with time and the changes of time by developing and upgrading our equipments and tools used to provide car keys.

When does a locksmith come in? You can avail of our locksmith services when these things happen to you:

  • Your car keys got misplaced and you cannot locate them.
  • You need a spare key to use in case of emergency.
  • You need a repair of your broken key.
  • Your transponder needs programming.
  • Your car key fob needs repair.
  • The ignition key and slot needs repair or replacement.

These are just a few and are the most common car key issues you come across with. There might be other issues that are uncommon in the future.

But whatever it is, our professional locksmiths are trained and skillful to respond to any car key issue. They are reliable and flexible to meet the specific car key need.

Our services do not come for free. We charge an upfront price. But out locksmiths also go the extra mile by explaining to our clients our policies and the possible additional charges and services that needs to be performed.


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