Automotive Locksmith – Ignition Repair

Albuquerque Automotive Locksmith Service provides automotive service for door locks, keys and key fobs. But the services offered are not only limited to door lock problems. We also deal with ignition problems.

Ignition Repair

In the past, automotive key problems only involve door locks problems and simple ignition slot repairs. But today, modern vehicles have complex doors and ignition problems.

But you can trust our professional locksmiths to deliver results and solutions as soon as possible. We have reliable professionals who are well trained and skillful in responding to such situations.

We are a company that deals with locks and keys but we do not only repair locks and keys, we have also trained ourselves to repair car ignition. We can evaluate your car key or ignition problem and provide a clear solution in no time.

Ignition Repair

How do you know that your ignition is defective? Here are some signs and clues to indicate that your ignition needs repair.

  • The headlights, taillights and other lights of your vehicle do not switch on.
  • The car simply does not start.
  • The lights of your vehicle may switch on but turn off after a little while.

When this happens, call an expert to find a solution to your problem.

How does a locksmith do his job in ignition repair? When an ignition needs repair, it will require unscrewing some bolts, removing the switch and many other technical methods. This calls for the expertise of an experienced locksmith.

Our locksmiths have over 5 years of experience in automotive locksmith. They are not only skillful in repairing old models of vehicle but even the new models which have keyless ignition.

Professional locksmiths are able to detect and evaluate what part of the ignition is not working properly. He then makes necessary recommendations, explains to the client what he is about to do and proceeds to finish the job in a matter of 30 minutes.


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