Automotive Locksmith – Key Extractions

Albuquerque Automotive Locksmith Service is available to meet any key extraction problem you get into.

Key Extractions

There are many types of car key problems that we encounter. One of the most common is when a key gets stuck into a car key slot. It may be the door key slot or the ignition slot. This happens when the key breaks while it is inserted in the car key slot.

It is not advisable for an untrained person to remove the broken key piece from the car key slot. Removing it on your own can damage the slot, most especially if it is the ignition key slot. If damage is done, your engine might not start which means more problem and more cost.

Best action to take is to call a professional locksmith to assist you. Our professional locksmiths will do their best to preserve the integrity of your car parts, whether it’s the door or the ignition part. They have skills and knowledge about the modern and advanced technology used for keeping the integrity of the parts of your car.

Our professional locksmiths are well trained to do a complicated task. They are experienced locksmiths for over 5 years. And though times have changed and technology has transformed, we make sure that we can cope up with the modifications to continue to deliver the best locksmith service.

We have applied advanced technology to the service that we give by providing for ourselves mobile high technology equipments and tools so we can bring to you our services at the fastest response possible. The service is made available to you any time of the day, even if all the others are already asleep.

We also make sure that the solution gets to you in a matter of 30 minutes because we understand that time is precious to you.


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