Automotive Locksmith – Laser Key Cutting

Modern vehicles make use of laser cut keys. A laser key cutting has a tiny cut at the focal point of the key. This allows car owners or driver to insert the key into the door lock slot from any side of the key. The same thing is also done when inserting laser cut key into the ignition. The engine can also start from whichever side you placed the key.

Laser Key Cutting

When a laser cut key gets broken, you will need to use a later to produce the same kind again. It is more complicated compared to the simple machine cut keys. Producing laser cut keys need the expertise of a professional locksmith.

Our company is an expert at any key including laser key cutting. There are two kinds of keys, the traditional, machine cut keys and the laser cut keys. Our professional locksmiths are able to distinguish a laser cut key from a machine cut key.

An experienced professional locksmith can not only identify the difference but can also produce the same kind of laser cut key.  It has to be done in precision because it fails it would not function like the way it’s supposed to function. It may start the engine on one side but not on the other side.

Our professional locksmiths are one of the few who are experienced in dealing with laser cut keys. And they are available to you at any time of the day even when the rest of the world is already asleep.

All you have to do is pick up your phone and dial our number. We have customer representatives who can answer your call. They will send you our professional technician within 30 minutes.

We have an upfront charge but we make sure that our clients understand the policy.


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