Automotive Locksmith – Push to Start Keys

Vehicles with push to start keys now run around the city of Albuquerque and in nearby places. What do these vehicles look like? They look just like any ordinary vehicle the difference is found in its ignition, the door locks and the key itself.

Push to Start Keys

Push to start keys are also known as smart keys. The technology was first introduced in the 1990’s. These smart keys look like a car key fob that does not have a key. This key is used to lock or unlock the door and start the engine. You do not need to stick a key into a key slot. Everything you do to and with your vehicle is just one button away.

Our professional locksmiths are not only skilled in repairing old model keys. They are also skilled in repairing smart keys. We have upgraded our technology to respond to high technology problems such as the smart key.

Locking and unlocking

Vehicles which use smart keys can be locked remotely with the use of this keyless fob. The vehicle identifies the key to which it is programmed to and responds to every button pushed or command.

If you want to lock the door, simply stay near the door and click a button on the door handle or touch a sensor on the door. Other vehicle doors lock on their own as soon as the driver or owner, who possesses the key, walks away from the vehicle.

Starting the engine

Just because the vehicle does not need an actual key slot and key to start the engine; doesn’t mean that the smart key is of no use anymore. The key still actually plays a major role in the ignition.

The vehicle’s engine starts by pushing a button or twisting a knob. But it will still not work if you do not have the push to start key. The key needs to be inside the vehicle for it to start.

Other functions

Smart keys are also used for adjusting the car seat, modifying the mirror settings, controlling temperature, adjusting steering wheel and making audio adjustments.


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