Automotive Locksmith – Remote Keys

Albuquerque offer automotive locksmith services for over 5 years already. Over the years, vehicles have developed and upgrade to modernized vehicles using high technology. We made sure that our company is not left out of the upgrading and development.

Remote Keys

One of the modern technologies used by vehicle is the use of remote keys. These remote keys are also known as smart keys. And as a locksmith company, we have also upgraded our services to services involving remote keys.

There are two kinds of remote keys. One remote key is that type of key that has a fob attached to the key. The other type of remote key is just remote key.

The remote key that has a key attached to it is used to lock or unlock car doors remotely. The key attached to it is used to start the ignition. The key can also have dual functions. It can also be used to lock and unlock the doors if the remote does not function well.

The keyless fob functions as a remote and ignition key at the same time. How? It remotely locks and unlocks the door. The doors are locked when you press a button or when you simply walk away from the vehicle. The doors are unlocked remotely by just making sure that the key is near the vehicle. You open the door then by pressing a button on the door.

The ignition starts by pushing a button or twist a notch. But make sure that the remote key is inside the vehicle.

If your remote key becomes dysfunctional, simply call our professional locksmith. They can detect which one has the problem and can provide a solution to your car key crisis at hand.

They respond to car key issues 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


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