Automotive Locksmith – Transponder Key Programming

Albuquerque Locksmith Service does not only repair the hardware of the key, our company also repairs the software or programming of transponder keys. We have developed our technology to keep up with the changes in the model and make of vehicles.

Most vehicles, nowadays, use transponder keys to lock and unlock doors. Similarly, proximity keys do the same in function. Both types of keys function because of the programming installed or set in them.

Transponder Key Programming

Transponder Key Programming Services

However, transponder and proximity keys may not function well. They might be broken or something may have gone wrong with their programming or software. Our professional technician can detect what the problem is so they can proceed with the next steps to take.

Transponder keys and proximity keys may be similar in function but they differ in other ways. It would be good to get to know these differences so that you understand how the repair and the programming is done.

  • Transponder key allows driver or owner to unlock the vehicle remotely.
  • With the help transponders, vehicles can solely identify the authorized owner or driver of the vehicle who possesses the device that is connected to the locking system of the vehicle.
  • A radio signal is sent from the transponder to the receiver in the vehicle.
  • This feature prevents unauthorized access.
  • Transponders serve as tracking device for business functions.
  • Transponders prevent burglary and theft.

Our locksmith service are not only limited to hardware issues but also include software issues. We offer programming services to both domestic and foreign vehicles so that the transponders continue to function the way they should be functioning as stated above.

We charge an upfront price but we make sure that our clients understand the policy and the rationale of why there is a need for upfront charges.


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