Commercial Locksmith – Cabinet Locks Installation and Repair

We at the Albuquerque Commercial Locksmith Service, offer many types of lock service. Our only goal is to ensure that your company is safe from outsiders.


But other than that, we also offer services that ensure the safety of your important documents from prying eyes and itchy hands that are inside the building, your office or your company. This is why we do not only offer locksmith services for door locks. We also offer services for cabinet locks.

We can install, repair or replace cabinet locks for the safe keeping of your important documents. The locks on cabinets can be installed as a network locks that provides security for your entire file cabinet or it can be a single locks installed on just one cabinet.

Our professional locksmiths have their expertise in installing, repairing and replacing such locks. If you happen to notice a break in your lock or you notice that the lock has been compromised, call our hotline and we have customer representatives to cater your needs.

Professional lock technicians are mobile and are ready to respond to any crisis. They have the skills together with advanced tools to get the job done as fast as they can.

We charge an upfront pricing. Additional charges may be added depending on the evaluation of our locksmiths. Simple locksmith job order may not have additional charges though.

We also make sure that our clients are well informed about what happened and what is going to take place as we install, repair or replace. This is why we also take the extra mile to explain to our clients the process done and the policies we follow in our company.

Overall, we assure that we give high quality service to ensure the safety and security of our clients and their possessions.

Other Commercial Locksmith Service we offer:

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