Commercial Locksmith – CCTV Installation, Repair & Replacement

Albuquerque Commercial Locksmith Service is a locksmith service but the services we provide are not only limited to locksmith services. We want to ensure that our clients have good security that is why we have also ventured into the installation, repair and replacement of CCTV.


CCTV or also known as Closed circuit TV provides high level of security. You may be wondering what a locksmith company is doing with CCTV. Our general goal is provide security to clients and the use of CCTV is one of them.

CCTVs add extra security for our clients. They can be installed outside the office or building to watch out for any burglary. They can also be installed inside the building or office to spy on any mischief done by employees.

There are many types of CCTV cameras, and there are two types, the analogue and the digital. Analogue CCTVs record videos directly to a video tape. The digital, on the other hand, save videos straight to computers.


To maximize the function of CCTVs, you need to have it installed as a network. Our professional locksmiths are also professional technicians to install such high level of security.

It is very useful most especially in the business setting. But cameras must be placed strategically to enhance its function. Our technicians know how to strategically position them for potential use.


If you already have CCTV cameras installed at work, you can contact our professional technicians in case of any damage or any sign of compromised security. We do no t only install we also repair.

Or in severe cases, our technicians might recommend a replacement.

Our company has been in the business of providing security for over 5 years. We have upgraded our services and have learned advanced security service to cope up with change and technology.

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