Commercial Locksmith – High Security Locks Change or Grade 1 Locks

Security locks are categorized as Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 according to ANSI or the American National Standards Institute. Grade 3 is the basic residential security, Grade 2 is the higher residential security and Grade 1 is the highest grade security for both residential and commercial.

High Security Locks Change or Grade 1 Locks

Grade 3 certification is very basic and is the minimal quality only used for residential locks. Grade 2 certification provides excellent security but can only be used for residential locks and some commercial ones. Grade 1 offers the strongest security and is best used for commercial purposes.

Albuquerque Commercial Locksmith Service offer installation, repair and replacement of higher security locks. If you happen to have experienced a compromised lock, we recommend you upgrade your lock to a higher security or grade 1 lock most especially if you are handling a big business or commercial building housing important and confidential objects.

We have professional locksmiths who can help you with such cases. They are trained, reliable and cleared of every criminal record. We make sure that our locksmiths have good integrity to gain and establish the trust of our clients.

Our professional locksmiths are knowledgeable and experienced for over 5 years. As soon as we send them to you, they make an evaluation of the current status of your security system or lock system. They eventually make recommendations to either repair or replace your current security or lock system.

Higher security locks would include using deadbolts and/or electronic locks. They are complex locks that are difficult to remove or unlock intentionally without the use of keys.

Should you decide to have a change of lock to grade 1 lock, contact our customer representatives, then we can send over professional technicians to check and make necessary actions to upgrade your security.

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