Commercial Locksmith – Lock Rekey

Our company offers commercial locksmith services in Albuquerque and its nearby cities. We are experts in repairing, installing and replacing locks and keys. One of the most popular services we offer is lock rekey.

Lock Rekey

Our company is insured, licensed and bonded in this line of work. We assure clients that we provide safe and trustworthy services. Our professional locksmiths have been trained to do so.

We have been in the business for more than 5 years and our locksmiths have developed outstanding skills over their 5 years of experience. These professional locksmiths are reliable and fast.

Lock Rekey Service

There are two major types of locks. First are the locks that have complex security operating system and the other type is those locks that only have individual lock sets.

Individual lock sets are those that have hardware components and control system all as one quantity. The other type of lock which has a complex operating system has different components like the access control, some electronic deadbolts and many more. Between the two types, locks with individual lock sets are usually easier to rekey.

To rekey, means to change the internal structure or mechanism of the lock. The lock will be provided with a new set of tumblers. And this can only be executed by a professional locksmith.

When do you need a lock rekey? You will need rekeying in the following situations.

  • When you got locked out of your office or the entire building
  • You have moved to a different address
  • Someone broke into your office or business
  • Your keys have been misplaced or is missing
  • You need better security

What does rekeying do or allow? Rekeying strengthens the security of your business. It prevents strangers from breaking in and safeguards important objects from dishonest employees. Our professional locksmiths are the best people to run to with regards to this matter.

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