Commercial Locksmith – Magnetic Lock Repair & Installation

Our company aims to respond to any security crisis 24/7 in Albuquerque and other cities nearby. One of the advanced technology we use for security is the magnetic lock or also known as electromagnetic lock.

Magnetic Lock

Because of its complexity, this lock offer higher level of security. It makes use of electricity to securely lock the door and provide safety to your business or office. The electric current that flows will produce the strong magnetic field that will keep the doors locked.

The magnetic door lock has two parts, the electromagnetic portion that is attached to the door frame and the armature that is attached to the door. The two portions come in contact when the door is locked. It remains closed and locked because of the strong magnetic force that pulls it together, which is also produced by the flow of electricity.

There are two types of electromagnetic lock. One is the fail safe and the other is the fail secure. The fail safe usually unlocks when the flow of electricity is cut off, or if there is no flow of electricity such as that when there is power outage. The fail secure on the other hand remains locked even when there is no electricity.

Nevertheless, regardless of what kind of magnetic lock you want to have, magnetic locks provide a high level of security. It is complicated by nature so it requires professional expertise to install, repair and replace.

If there is a problem with your magnetic lock, simple call our customer service and they’ll be ready to assist you. We have mobile professional locksmiths who do not only fix but repair higher level of security.

If you want to install a new magnetic door lock, we will also be there to assist you and install it for you.

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