Commercial Locksmith – Mortise Lock Installation & Repair

Mortise Lock

A mortise lock is an advanced kind of lock. It provides higher level of security. We, at the Albuquerque Commercial Locksmith Service offer services to any mortise lock problem.

This lock is made up of complex structures. The keys used for this lock is hidden beneath a layer of protective steel. It is fixed into the lock with a mortise groove.

The mortise lock offers better defense. It prevents burglar from easily breaking into your office or business. It would be difficult to manipulate the opening without its specific key because the internal structure is very complicated.

The lock was first used in the 1900’s. Offices and residences at present still use this kind of lock because of the security it offers. Because of its complexity, it is difficult to install on your own.

These locks are often used on the main doors or external doors of an office or building. You can choose from the different finished of the mortise lock. They come in nickel, chrome, brass, steel, pewter or aluminum.


The installation of a mortise lock is not easy because it is complex. You will need the assistance of a professional locksmith.

Our professional locksmiths have sworn to secrecy and privacy, so there is nothing to worry about trust issues. They have clear integrity so as not to ruin the trust of our clients.

Mortise locks can also break. When this happens, professional help is recommended. Our technician can get to you and evaluate your lock problem. They will be able to suggest an action which they can only carry out with your permission. They can either replace or just repair the mortise lock depending on the severity of the damage or break on the lock.

We offer our services 24/7 and we deliver results within 30 minutes.

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