Residential Locksmith – Key Extractions

One of the reasons of home lockouts is a broken key stuck on to the door key slot. Keys break and get stuck on the door because of several reasons.


  • The key was already fragile because of time, wear and tear.
  • The key, in the first place, is made of simple and fragile material.
  • The key already has crack on it.
  • The lock itself is compromised or broken.

When this happens, many things can happen. Your routine is ruined. It puts your home at risk for burglary or break in security.

Whatever the reason is Albuquerque Residential Locksmith Service can help you with a key extraction service so you can retrieve the broken part of your key and open the door so you can get in.

You might also need to acquire a duplicate of that key using the broken key stuck on the door. Our professional locksmiths can respond to such residential emergencies. They have the necessary tools to deliver services to you.

Our professional locksmiths are mobile so they can reach clients easily anywhere in Albuquerque and in other cities. They are given a 30 minute response time to respond. We understand emergencies such as this, that is the reason why we have trained our professional locksmiths to respond quickly to any situation and in any location in Albuquerque and in nearby places.

Our hotlines and online chat is always available to respond to your calls and provide professional technicians to our callers. Our locksmiths evaluate the condition of your emergency and provide the necessary solution.

There is an initial charge that customers have to pay but our locksmiths give a little more effort to explain the policy. Additional charges may apply but we also make sure that you know what the additional charges are for.

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