Residential Locksmith – Lock Rekey

Albuquerque Residential Locksmith Service provides installation, repair and rekey of home locks. Our professional locksmiths offer technical work that deals with simple door locks and complex ones. One of these complex locks includes mortise locks.


Mortise locks are one of the high security types of locks because of its complicated structure. But there is nothing too difficult for our professional locksmiths. They have been well trained to handle any lock.

Mortise lock

Mortise locks are complicated locks that supply high level of security to your home. One of its main complex features is the key which is hidden beneath a layer of steel. A mortise groove keeps the key attached to the lock.

This lock is recommended especially if you keep expensive possessions in your home. Having these locks also safeguards your kids at home. To install it, you need a professional’s expertise. You can have them installed at the main entrance, back door and all other exterior doors. You can choose what finishing you prefer. They come in nickel, aluminum, brass and chrome.

We do not only install but we also repair or rekey. If your mortise lock gets compromised or broken, you can also rely on our professional locksmiths to repair or rekey them. Repair is needed if the key or the lock is broken. However, if the damage is severe, rekey is much more recommended.

Our locksmith services are available to your 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. And our locksmiths can reach you in 30 minutes.

Our services do not come for free. There is an upfront price you need to pay. But we do not leave our clients out. We make sure they understand the policy. And should there be additional charges, our technicians are going to explain the details to them briefly and clearly.

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